Kuwait City

I am here in the capital with my old friend and traveling partner Prothap Chatterjee, journalist for Corpwatch.org. I am working as a videographer for him as he examines military logistics and operations.

We have just been approved to go into Iraq and live on a couple of bases for about two weeks. I was really hoping to be able to continue my previous work and go into Baghdad to interview civilians about their lives now post-“Surge”, but the city is under complete lockdown due to the fighting all over the country. Prothap’s timing is, as usual, impeccable.

I should also say that I am a bit wary of posting once in-country, as I expect the military to monitor internet activity that originates from their bases. And seeing as I am incapable of not commenting and analyzing what I see while there, I may refrain from writing on this blog for a bit. Apologies to everyone, since I just sent out an email about this blog, and now I may not even post for a while! I’ll see what happens.


One Response to Kuwait City

  1. pauline says:

    nice to see you have a place in cyberspace. i’m tuned in.

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