Apologies For Not Posting More!

Hey everyone! Prothap and I are back in Kuwait, and I will be writing about our trip soon. It’s been interesting (of course), and only a little dangerous so far, really. Moving around via the military is efficient but time-consuming (is that a contradiction?), often leaving me with less than adequate sleep. Right now is a case in point: we were driven to the place where you sign up for the armored bus to the Baghdad Airport at midnight last night, and then we waited there until 3 a.m. for it to leave. It arrived forty rather stressed-out minutes later (because they warn you before you leave about all the possible hazards like getting shot at or how to get out of the vehicle quickly if it catches on fire) and grabbed some sleep on benches until 8:30 a.m. when we signed up for a plane to Kuwait. Then we drank coffee and waited until noon when they told us we couldn’t take the plane. Then more waiting and napping until 2:30 when they told us we weren’t on the next one either. At 4 p.m. we were confirmed for a flight and then waited some more until they boarded us at 6 p.m. and we got to Kuwait at 7:30, followed by waiting in lines and getting forms stamped and bunks assigned. So we are both very tired and the only items on our agenda are showers and sleeping.

But I promise, there’s lots more to come about contractors, army lingo, the trials of embedded journalism, the tribulations of traveling with Prothap Chatterjee, and how come speaking Spanish and Hindi can work wonders for you in Baghdad!

So stay tuned, friends.


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