Back In The Bay

Hello everyone. I am back in the U.S.A. after several weeks in Iraq and Kuwait, and what follows is a bunch of impressions and observations written while there. Bear in mind that Prothap Chatterjee, the journalist I was with, went to study military logistics and contracting, and I went as his videographer. We were both returning after four years absent from the country and we spent most of our time on military bases. We had hoped to spend at least a week in Baghdad working outside the International Zone, but due to the time spent traveling we were only able to get in a few days there.

Still, we were both very glad we went. The story of the U.S. presence in Iraq is not over, not by a long shot, even if it has now been relegated to page-ten news here at home.  The initial rush of reporting, the days when it seemed like every journalist and photographer in the world was working in Iraq are over, but there is still much to tell and report on.

We’re already talking about going back in the Fall.


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