Funny Army Talk

The military talks funny, and after working among them for awhile one starts to talk like they do. Plus you have to to get anything done.

For instance, this is a verbatim answer I gave to the question: “How did you all get here [to the International Zone from the base an hour north]?”

Reply: “Well we took Phantom from Anaconda to BIOP, then Prothap took the bus over to Striker so he could catch the Rhino, but Catfish manifested me so I stayed at the PAX. Then I got bumped right on the tarmac, but I kept asking around at the Helo Desk and eventually Iron Horse took me to CPIC.”

I won’t bother translating because it only matters to people who are embedding (or serving) in the military in Iraq. If any readers are by chance, please contact the author.


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