May Day Backlash

So apparently the I.C.E. raided several taquerias in San Francisco (some of my favorite, actually, the Balazo family of eateries) the day after the May 1st immigrant marches. While of course they claim it had nothing to do with the rallies the day before, I think it’s clear that in fact they had everything to do with them.

The purpose is twofold: firstly to scare people from lifting their heads up and organizing, as if to say that this will be your punishment for speaking out.

The second purpose is to appease the right wing, whose “blogosphere” is no doubt blathering away as I write this about the audacity of “illegal immigrants” holding rallies in the light of day without being punished. So the I.C.E. jumps at the whims of shitheads like PowerLines, Grassfire, and Rush What’s-His-Name.

You can read the whole story here.


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