Last Big Primaries

So here we go….with Obama having raised record funds, and Hillary having been proven to have no chance to win, once you do the numbers……why is she still in the race? It seems obvious that her only rationale is to try and beat up Obama enough that McCain will trounce him in the general election, giving Clinton a clear shot at the hotseat, come 2012. Why else would she persist?

I’ve spent the better part of my adult, politically-aware life arguing with my parents, my friends and anyone else who believed in the Democratic Party, trying to convince them that the party was corrupt, selfish, and ultimately useless as a road towards any meaningful social change.

These days, with Gore kowtowing to Bush in 2000, and then the D.N.C. running that uber-rich war criminal Kerry in 2004 and having their asses handed to them, I think the Democrats have proven themselves to be as pathetic as I have always maintained.

Now we have the Clintons, who if they had any sense of loyalty to their party, much less their country, would have bowed out of the race and gotten behind Obama. Instead they soldier on because they are ultimately serving only their own desire for power.

That this is the state of “politics” in this country is something that can only be described as appalling. Looks like it’s probably McCain in ’08.

Thanks Bill, you cool, sax-playing, dope smoking liberal you.


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