Strange Temporary Bedfellows

As has been noted by many people, there are two groups in the United States that are desiring of progressive immigration reform/amnesty.

The first group are the businesses and their owners and stockholders that count on the cheap labor that immigration, particularly immigrants from Latin America, bring to their industries, i.e. agriculture, food service, construction, etc. Without Latino immigrants these businesses would be in serious trouble, as would the people who rely on them.

The second group of people who desire a progressive change in immigration laws are the group among which I would count myself: social justice activists and the immigrants and their families themselves. I myself am from a family of Mexican immigrants and a political activist.

There are many differences between the two groups, the major one being that the first group doesn’t necessarily want immigrants in the US. to be treated any better once they are here. They just want them to be allowed to come and stay and work at the wages they do now, with no benefits or job security other than the employer chooses to give them.

For the present the two groups find common cause, as is exemplified in a new flyer/brochure published by American Apparel. It’s part of a campaign sponsored by that company called Legalize L.A. The flyer is available as a PDF file from the site and is well worth a look.

Also prominently featured is a local activist from here in S.F. named Jonah Larrama who is in a detention center in Washington. Having met the man a few times, I am fairly certain that his politics run quite counter to a chain of trendy clothing stores which uses softcore erotica as their advertising strategy.

And yet, at this political moment their lots are thrown in together. Interesting times.


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