Getting Testy, Doug?

Yesterday those cute fascist yahoos over at Powerlines Blog reprinted Douglas Feith’s testimonial before Congress almost verbatim. Of course Hinderaker and company are huge fans of Feith and feel he and his kind have been maligned by the bad old Liberal Media.

What struck me about Feith’s speech was how defensive he was. It is an excellent signifier of how quickly things have changed in the past few years – the Neocons are on the run. They’ve been called out on their pro-torture agenda and Douglas is reduced to blasting his critics and explaining his position ad infinitum. He sounds cantankerous and testy, far from the arrogant “we can do whatever the hell we want” attitude of the 2003-2005 era Bushies.

You’ve lost, you bastards, as you well should have. I have no illusions you’ll ever get the just dessert that you deserve, but I’m fairly confident that history will judge you for the swine that you are.


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