The Best Things In Life Are Free

But there’s a lot of other things that cost money. I try and avoid them but there are some that are inevitable.

Here is a partial list of unnecessary items that are worth spending money on:

1. Cameras

2. Musical Instruments

3. Live Music

The last being why I went to see a couple of shows while I was in Austin recently. The first was The Black Keys who played Stubbs. It was a good show, if packed with festival-going zombies who had were in town for Austin City Limits and looked like they hadn’t slept in weeks.

The second was a band called Tito And The Man whom I actually heard being played on the radio and the DJ then announced that they were playing that night and I went to see them at a small club called The Hole In The Wall.

They play a loud and screaming blues-funk-rock with vaguely political lyrics, reminding me of old Grand Funk Railroad records.

Here is their MySpace page.

And lastly the annual Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival happened again in Golden Gate Park, and the legendary Bad Livers played a reunion show, which was excellent. I first saw them in around 1992 at a club called Cibolo Creek Country Club right outside of San Antonio. They blew me away then, and the great thing about country music is, you can blow ’em away sixteen years later as well. Thanks a million, boys.


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