The Man Backs Obama

It’s pretty clear at this point: the powerful of the world want Barack Obama to be president.

With the U.S. in hock to itself and massively in debt to everyone else, the powers-that-be want someone who is going to do business, have meetings, sport a green trenchcoat and play ball with the rest of the planet. Not a madman who wants to resume fighting the Viet Nam war for the next eight years.

The latest sign of this tendency among the rich and powerful to vote Democratic comes in the form of endorsements from a round of conservative pundits who have all come out for Obama.

Christopher Buckley lost his column at the National Review over it. Conservative warthog David Brooks has praised Obama’s coolness and says he may even be a good president. Even Christopher Freakin’ Hitchens, who supported the Iraq War and spent the last several years calling the Democrats the “Party Of Defeat” has come out for Obama. There’s a full rundown of all the rats who are leaving the proverbial sinking ship in this piece by Rosa Brooks.

The question is: What does this mean? What’s the significance when the “thinking conservatives” take a turn to port?

Remember these are the pundits who speak to the part of the far right that doesn’t listen to talk radio, who explain the world to the uber-conservative bourgeoisie of America. Their audience are all the folks out there in gated “communities” and expensive condos and townhomes who are terrified of blacks, Muslims, Mexican immigrants, bilingual education and think NPR is run by Hamas.

When the likes of Buckley and Brooks support a black Democrat for president it sends one one clear message to their constituency: Don’t worry, it will all be okay.

Or rather, he’ll be okay, meaning Obama.

In other words, nothing is going to change, take our word for it. When Obama is president we’ll fix these pesky lil’ “economic problems” according to principles that maintain the status quo, and we won’t hesitate to send troops into the streets if anyone gets out of hand with a strike or a food riot or something.


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