Anarchist Bank Robbers

Well if the documentary about legendary Spanish anarchist Lucio Urtubia weren’t enough, we now have some contemporary examples of this kind of Direct Action as well!

Urtubia (subject of a new film entitled Lucio, make sure and watch the trailer) was a 1960’s & 70’s era social bandit, whom the press dubbed “The Good Bandit” or “El Basque Zorro”. Besides providing false passports to countless people in need, he robbed banks and forged piles of money and sent the proceeds to every leftist group under the sun.

And now a group of European anarchos claim to have done something similar. They claim:

I am writing down this pages to announce that I have expropriated 492,000 euros to 39 banks through 68 loan deals. If we include interest on arrears, the present amount of debt is over 500,000 euros which I will not pay.

It has been an individual disobedience action towards banking that I have carried out deliberately to denounce the bank system and to use the money for supporting initiatives which alert from systemic crisis that we are starting to live and which intend to build an alternative society.

It is an action totally unconnected to any violence form, that I claim as a new way of civil disobedience, up to the height of the times we are living. When consumption financing and speculation are dominant in our society, what could be better than robbing the ones who rob us and distribute the money among the groups which are denouncing this situation and building alternatives?

Sounds good to me. You can read their entire story here.


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