Iraq Vet Stomped By Police Horse

For those who hadn’t heard, Iraq War veteran Nick Morgan was attacked while protesting outside the last presidential debate in Long Island, New York on October 15th. His head was stepped on by a policeman’s horse. Here is the story, but you can read more here:

Last Wednesday October 15th 2008, former Army Sergeant Nick Morgan, a 24 year old veteran of the US war in Iraq, was nearly killed by riot police, his face crushed under a police horse, during a peaceful protest outside the final US presidential debates.

Morgan is a native of Annapolis, MD who spent four-years the US Army and one year in Iraq. He was a participant in the Winter Soldier hearings and is an active member of the Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), a national organization of ‘Global War On Terror’ veterans who had come to the Presidential debates in Long Island, demanding that veterans’ concerns be heard during these nationally televised dialogues.

The IVAW had previously announced, sending a letter to CBS, that two veterans had prepared one question each for Obama and McCain, to be asked during the televised debate. They had also announced that if they didn’t receive a response by 7pm on the night of the debates, that those veterans would enter the debates anyway, in an attempt to be seen, if not actually have their voices heard.

The whole event reminds me of a similarly disgusting moment in U.S. history, The Bonus Marchers, when thousands of First World War veterans were charged by Army cavalry, merely for demonstrating in Washington. The officers who led the charge on their own citizens were those future “heroes” Douglas MacArthur and Dwight Eisenhauer.

Here is the video of the police attacking Iraq War veterans…..not for the faint of heart:


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