The Final Icing On The Cake

The media has been saying for some time now that G.W. Bush sees, or very much wants to see, the invasion of Iraq go down in history as his “legacy.”

In other words he hoped that at the end of the proverbial day he could still point to Iraq post-Hussein and say, “Did we or did we not make it better than it was?” He of course believes that the indelible answer to that question is Yes.

So it’s all the more dramatic to have an Iraqi throw not one but two shoes at him (whilst yelling, “This is for the widows and orphans you dog!”) as everyone on the planet has by now heard and/or seen.

To his credit, the outgoing Prez not only dodged both of the projectiles but even made a weak quip afterwards. He still must feel rotten though, to know that he wasn’t even able to give a nice lil’ old speech in his pet-project of a country in the waning days of his tenure.

I’d say that he got what he deserves except that when it comes to Iraq, the guy deserves way more than a couple of shoes thrown at him.


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