Israel Invades Gaza: The Parting Shot Of The Neo-Cons?

I won’t try and give any more analysis or commentary on the awful and horrid invasion of Gaza, because others are doing it better than I can. 

The only thing I can add is that in some way this sems like the parting shot that we all expected, the last attempt by the departing neo-cons to kick the world in the groin, to throw the pieces off of the table and re-arrange the game more to their liking.

Or to put it another way: the Israeli hawks are doing this right now because it is their last chance before a new U.S. administration comes in. Even though Obama has pledged his allegiance to the Israel Lobby there is no telling what the future might hold and I for one believe that the unconditional U.S. support that Israel has enjoyed for the last few decades is slowly on the way out, as a multi-polar world comes into shape and the U.S. declines as a world power.

This is, potentially, the last hurrah of Cheney & Co.’s counterparts in Tel Aviv. Whether it will yield results in their favor, or hurry along Israel’s decline, remains to be seen. I tend to think the latter, for as Alexander Cockburn reminds us, 

In the end, Israel will stop the bombing and what will it achieve  beyond another exhibition of futile strategy, like the attack on Lebanon in 2006? The last time Israel had an effective military campaign that could be called a victory was 27 years ago, in the 1982 attack on Lebanon.

What a horrible way to start the new year.


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