Blood And Guts in 2009

My prediction for the next few months: Obama will get no “honeymoon.” The staggering economic crisis and the ongoing war in Gaza will ensure that his first days in office will be very grim indeed. 

Meanwhile, here in the Bay Area the police shot an unarmed man on New Year’s Eve, which in turn triggered a riot in downtown Oakland last week. There are numerous arguments raging, both online and off, about the ensuing destruction of both corporate property and small businesses, and there is one excellent piece here that makes the point:

 […] it was the result of a very clear line of reasoning that goes something like this: we have to do something, and in the face of police impunity, this is all we can do. Nothing would be more irrational than a blind faith that the police will do the right thing, given all the historical evidence to the contrary. While the press is doing its best to find bystanders to decry the “vandalism” involved, it couldn’t ignore the testimony Oakland Post reporter Ken Epstein, who was writing an article on the killing when he looked out his office window to see his Honda CRV in flames: “I’m sorry my car was burned,” Epstein admitted, “but the issue is very upsetting.”

I concur with the author. The police rarely if ever receive justice for a murder….for crying out loud the San Francisco mayor and a supervisor were killed in cold blood once not so very long ago, and the perpetrator, a former S.F. cop, got only five years. There’s even a movie about it…..

And meanwhile, over in Gaza 

What better example of the dissarray of the American Right than the following: Joe-who-is-not-a-plumber is apparently now Joe The Journalist. And he is currently in Israel, courtesy of the nutjobs over at Pajamas Media, giving his utterly predictable two cents. He contributes brilliant insight like the following:

“I know if I were a citizen here, I’d be damned upset.” He described himself as a “peaceloving man,” but added, “when someone hits me, I’m going to unload on the boy. And if the rest of the world doesn’t understand that, then I’m sorry.”

Wow, what a guy. Sensitive, even.

Then he lambasts journalists for not writing pro-war articles:

But in Sderot, he seemed just as intent on teaching a thing or two to the media. “Do you think this is normal, the way you cover this conflict and give away information to your enemy?” he asked the journalists that gathered around him.

“It makes me sick to see the way you behave – you guys need to be protective of your homes, your children, your family.”

If you really have nothing better to do than peruse the ravings of a right-wing fuckwit, you can read the whole article here. Sure would be too bad if a rocket hit the man…..

By contrast here is another American in The Levant for political reasons, albeit from another perspective. Her name is Huwaida Arraf and she is from Detroit. Watch her here blocking an Israeli soldier from firing at protestors. Joe-Who-Is-Neither-A-Plumber-Nor-A-Journalist, for all his macho posturing, hasn’t done, and I venture will never do, anything near this courageous.


One Response to Blood And Guts in 2009

  1. max says:

    i check in on this every now and then, and its always good to read…
    wish I had something incisive to add but Im in rural cornwall so..
    anyways just a little hello

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