Iraq Vets Take San Pancho

This took place back on November 28th 2008, otherwise known as Black Friday, billed as “the biggest shopping day in America.” What an occasion. How non-ironically gringo. A hats-off recognition of useless consumption. What a country.

Anyway to help celebrate it our local chapter of Iraq Veterans Against War staged Operation First Casualty, wherein they recreate the occupation of Iraq in the crowded streets around Union Square, San Francisco. I filmed it with the help of Brian Pollack, and dedicated intern Tobin Ferelman edited it for us, myself spending enough time video editing on the Sudan movie I’m still hammering away at.

The title of course refers to the old adage that the first casualty of War is Truth. It’s also the title of an excellent book about the politics and history of war corresonding that Philip Knightley wrote back in 1975. He’s still writing good stuff, too.

And here is the video:


One Response to Iraq Vets Take San Pancho

  1. Seamus says:

    Nice one fellas. Very effective and like the man said, a lot more powerful than a march.

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