Davos Is A Drag (Except For Some Drama)

Whoa Nelly!

Sounds like The World Economic Forum is a downright bummer this year. Imagine that. The BBC reports:

There hasn’t been a session that didn’t have a downbeat tone about it. And with old certainties gone – for example the assumption that free markets can fix everything – the discussions at times seem to be without direction.

Yeah the base philisophical underpinnings of one’s entire world-view disappearing in a puff of smoke like so many 401-k plans can have that effect. It’s, like, a serious buzzkill.

Now that hasn’t stopped the same writer from advocating those same discredited ideas later on in the same article:

Depressingly, this very crisis will probably hit poor countries particularly hard should trade barriers rise and foreign direct investment fall (except the poorest nations, whose capital markets are not integrated globally).

They’ll never get it, will they? It’s like a weird religion, a Cargo Cult of sorts… believers in The Free Market keep on believing, even when their High Priests have disavowed it.

And Meanwhile, On The Main Stage:

The Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayip Erdogan, storms off after trying to respond to Simon Peres’s defense of the recent Israeli attack on Gaza. Erdogan was shut down by none other than that Washington Post hack David Ignatius, who was “moderating” the “discussion.”

Of course, Erdogan is only doing this because he has no choice … he is trying to appease the forces in Turkey that are less than pleased with their country being a geopolitical ally of Israel.

Still, it’s a telling moment. The world has had it up to its eyeballs with the insane Israeli hawks, and that country is running fresh out of friends. Their recent behavior has even been called Geopolitical Suicide.


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