We Still Have A Shred Of Civil Rights Left

I think it is very important to remember this, that even after a 20-odd year non-stop assault on civil rights, leaving the U.S. courts system heavily weighted towards the prosecution, we still maintain the possibility of justice in this country.

The “case in point”: even with the help and testimony of Brandon Darby, radical activist-turned F.B.I. informant, the state was unable (in this round) to prosecute David McCay for the charge of possession of Molotov cocktails during the anti-R.N.C. protests. The jury appears to have been skeptical that the defendent wasn’t overly influenced (i.e. entrapped) by Darby. In the words of Bruce Nestor, an attorney in Minneapolis:

Jury unable to reach verdict in case of David McKay, charged with possession of molotov cocktails during RNC. Undisputed evidence that he manufactured the devices and defense was entrapment by Brandon Darby, FBI informant. Held in custody since September 3, McKay can now be released on bond. New trial scheduled for March of 2009. Appears to show that citizen/juries have at least some healthy distrust of government informants and political turncoats.
There will be a re-trial in March, of course. And McCay has been placed under tight restrictions by the courts. But still, it’s a moment to celebrate.

4 Responses to We Still Have A Shred Of Civil Rights Left

  1. Dolly says:

    R U Crazy – Nobody put a gun to McKay’s head and made him make those molotov cocktails.

  2. dmz2008 says:

    Point is that he did not do anything, he merely planned to. For that he does not deserve prison. And the issue of there somehow being a cop “asleep in the car” that McCay did not firebomb is patent nonsense and a red herring designed to accuse him of a murder that never happened.

    And all of this of course pales in comparison to the numbers of dead Iraqis … no one put a gun to Bush’s head and demanded he invade Iraq. No one put a gunto Rumsfeld’s head and demanded he order torture. Those men are mass murderers, as well as terrorists, and everyone that went to St. Paul to demonstrate was there to say just that.

    As usual the real criminals walk free, as you have no doubt noticed in the past weeks – here is a good example:


  3. rach says:

    hell yeah. after the green scare, i’d kind of assumed that if entrapped one is simply fucked because of jury instructions and what not. this is good news. thanks.

  4. Mike says:

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