More Votes In: Free Market Capitalism Is Still Bad

So the BBC has conducted a poll and has concluded that Free Market Capitalism is not a good idea.

“Free Market Flawed, Says Survey” is the title of the article. It’s a “Special Report.” Apparently the anniversary of the 1989 collapse of the Eastern European socialist governments has caused the BBC to inquire if those same people might be unhappy to now be living in countries that are controlled by a grotesque fusion of criminal organizations and former secret police.

I haven’t read any of the ruminations by the world’s conservative (and liberal!) pundits yet, but I will venture a guess as to what a lot of them will say when posed with the obvious question, “With the advent of free market capitalism, why did Eastern Europe not transform into a delightful suburban paradise, as the West promised?”

“They just weren’t ready for capitalism”, the columnists will tell us, blaming the victim as usual, as if any of us on earth were prepared for a society that comes up with a brilliant idea like burying pollution in order to the help the environment.

But the important point is: if everyone, including the BBC, agrees that the free market is flawed, then why are we allowing its proponents to continue to run the planet? They’ve proven time and time again that they will make nothing except misery and disaster, so why, for crying out loud, are we allowing them to remain in power?

Note: The above photo was taken by the excellent James Natchwey during the brutal Chechnya War, which was waged by the post-1989 democratically elected, free-market government of Russia. I’m sure glad they got rid of communism over there. Things really appear to have improved.


2 Responses to More Votes In: Free Market Capitalism Is Still Bad

  1. sanantone says:

    Good piece.
    They’re more or less struggling up one side while we’re tumbling quite rapidly down the other.

  2. m says:

    Trouble is I’m not sure everyone does agree that the free market is flawed. The usual argument, as I understand it, is: We don’t currently have a TRULY free market, therefore current results are not an indication of the potential outcomes of a pure free market system. Those who don’t buy that argument, don’t buy it, but some people seem truly convinced. And some, I’m guessing, maybe just don’t care whether the system is beneficial overall or not as long as it continues to benefit them personally. The other trouble is those we entrust to ensure our society’s wellbeing are often (in order to hang on to their power and other personal gain?) too busy colluding with those who are destroying it. My point: Sure, many do agree with you. Unfortunately those who don’t have a HELL OF A LOT of pull.

    (By the way, great post on Blaze Foley. I love Clay Pigeons as a New Year’s song for 2010.)

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