Short Documentaries Of The Week

Been awhile, ain’t it? Sorry, I’ve been swamped with my new day-job and final audio editing the film I just finished about rebellion in Sudan.

But I did come across two interesting short documentaries, well worth a look. The first is by Avi Lewsi over at Al Jazeera English and it’s really just a well-done piece of long-form video journalism, the kind we are sorely lacking in the U.S. It’s a breakdown of the politics that are going on in Haiti under the aegis of aid and rebuilding. Check it out:

In other news, I’ve been following the story of the assasination of the Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, which went down in Dubai last week. It seems that 12 (some say up to 26!) of Israel’s Mossad spooks tailed the man into his hotel and did him in his room, most likely with a combination some sort of taser-like weapon and simple suffocation.

The hotel’s surveillance cameras give a blow-by-blow of the lead up to the operation and offer a fascinating glimpse of how secret agents work. Gulf TV has assembled all of the footage and you can watch it all here. Note how many of the agents are engaged in simple surveillance themselves: watching the hotel hallways, watching their target’s movements, watching each other. Only four people are actually involved in the hit, and they are the biggest and thuggiest looking of the bunch, too.

So next time you feel like there’s a strange guy watching you, think twice, as he probably has ten more people helping him.


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