Breakfast With Wallerstein

On April 9th, 2010, I sat down for toast and coffee with Immanuel Wallerstein in the San Francisco apartment of his daughter Kathy. As always he provided a sharp and sobering insight into global politics, and I have edited the conversation into short films based on the different topics we discussed. With me was Brandon Jourdan, who graciously provided the camerawork.  I offer some samples now for your enjoyment…

Here I asked him the question, “What is the most important news story to be following right now?” His answer may surprise you….

On Latin America, Mexico, and their relationship to the United States:

On the medium-term prospects for the U.S. dollar:

And on the importance of Central Asia, especially as regards the recent uprising against the government in Kyrgyzstan:

Enjoy, ponder, and spread wide.


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