DMZ is also called David Martinez. A filmmaker, writer and teacher originally from San Antonio, Texas, now residing in San Francisco, he tries to make work that is both politically astute as well as a pleasure to watch.

His most recent film (2013) is called “Autumn Sun: A Story Of Occupy Oakland” which he filmed since its inception. Before this he directed a documentary called “Songs To Enemies And Deserts” (2009), about a group of armed rebels, and the villagers who live with them, in North Darfur, Sudan. In 2003-4 he reported from Iraq with Pratap Chatterjee, the head writer for CorpWatch, and produced a film about his experiences there called “500 Miles To Babylon” (2006). He has worked in feature film production with directors John Sayles, Jim Mendiola, and Richard Linklater as well as acting in the film “Waking Life” (2001), directed by Linklater.

Self, Carlos' House, Sitting, ATX 2011

His heroes are Pier Paolo Pasolini, Roberto Bolaño, and Pancho Villa and they have guided him pretty well so far.

Martinez teaches and lectures about a variety of subjects including social movements, war and politics, politics & filmmaking, film production, and film history. Invite him to your school!

He may be contacted at: moleverde [at] gmail.com or through this website.


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